My Son, Vietnam

 Confession time – as normal when I travel I had day 3 melt down, and called a Pajama day – it poured with rain all day (obligingly) and dropped the temp to mid 20’s. I can cope with that. The combination of temp, humidity and shopping was sapping my soul. To be honest I was beginning to hate it, the clothes shopping is still not really doing it for me, but I have found a tailor close to the hotel who isn’t pushy, is very good, and keeps her hands to herself! Anyway now that it is cooler things are back on track and we have booked a couple of tours.

We did a bus tour to My Son, the Hindu temples of the Cham people. It was built between 4th & 13th century. The original bricks were smooth and laid closely without mortar, amazingly still standing today. The original brick work is showing no signs of deterioation, they have no or few plants growing from them, unlike some of the recent replacement bricks that have been laid. Also carved into the temples are images of gods, priests, dancers and animals. Some of the temples were destroyed during the Vietnam war/American War/Police action (choose according to your country). It is now listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site. An added bonus was the amazing abundance of butterflies – stunning, vaired and so many. As much as it is a Heritage Site it does look like the jungle is taking over the smaller less preserved temples. From here we bussed back into the local town and went back to Hoi An by boat. A very pleasant chug, but I thought I would see more riverside activity. Got back to town at about 2.00 pm and had a wander around before catching the bus back to the hotel. I’m really loving Hoi An at night, so different from during the day. I’m assuming you know that most transportation over here is by bike? The funniest (but sad) thing we saw last night was a guy pedaling along with a coffin following along behind. Specatcular caskets over here BTW all pearl inlaid scenes on the sides – dragons and waterfalls, lotus plants, bridges. Really lovely – for coffins.

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