The Daily Routine.

Get up, have breakfast, wait for the rain to stop.   Then start the day. 

Today we thought the rain had stopped (a little earlier than expected) so the plan was to walk down the street to our local market the to the local tour company to book a trip to My Son.   The local market was still in full swing, the locals cleaning the fish bought home over night by their husbands.   There were also a few stalls of local produce.  The stalls are never very big, the aim is to sell everything they bring to market so it is fresh daily. 

The local tour company on the other hand was shut.  And then the rain started.    So new daily routine Get up, have breakfast, blog while wait for the rain to stop.

Also – I hate the way the photos upload to the blog, they upload better from the phone.  Problem with the phone is trying to get wi-fi connection.

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