How are you tomorrow?

After the trauma’s of getting here – did I mention I got sick on the plane? 24 hour flu thingy – we spent the first day just bumming around the hotel catching up on sleep, looking for tissues, and booking massages.  Let us get the massage out-of-the-way first, actually let’s get the touching out-of-the-way first.  The massage was very good actually, they all have been, even the ones I didn’t ask for.   I just found it a bit disconcerting when they climbed on to the bed and straddled me.   And I’m sorry – there is no need for nipple tweaking when you are getting fitted for a top, none what so ever.  People are very touchy feelly over here, lots of face stroking, cuddling, hugging and unsolicited massages. 

The hotel we are staying at River Beach Resort Hotel lives up to its name,  about 100 yards to the beach but fronts the River. 

We spent yesterday in Hoi An old town, just looking around.   Really interesting, fantastic architecture.  We had a walk along the river, and through the market.   Sights and smells are amazing – occasionally confronting but not bad enough to make you dry reach.    I’m sure there is more to Hoi An than we are finding, it is full of little lanes and alleys that would take longer than we have to go down them all.  I just hope we aren’t missing out on too much.    We have been sampling the local restaurants, really good food, very cheap.   Tomorrow we get our clothes that have been made, they will be delivered to the hotel.   There are some items I haven’t had made, not sure whether I will get them done or not.

And the obligatory mention of the weather.  Yesterday it was hot – about 37C and humid with it.  This morning we woke to thunderstorms, huge flooding of the hotel thunderstorms, but it has dropped the temp down to something manageable, but still humid. 

One other thing unrelated – Facebook can you access it in Vietnam.  I can’t get to it from my phone or laptop.   Does anyone know?

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One Response to How are you tomorrow?

  1. Keith Inglis says:

    This page has info on how to get around the block on Facebook in Vietnam
    Keith and Diane (who is still laughing at your custom top fitting experience!)


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