Death Valley

Checked out of Sequoia today to continue the never ending search for bears.  Headed down to Crescent Meadow where bears have been seen over the past week.  Unfortunately they didn’t get the memo and had moved on.   So no bears seen at all this trip.  However over the week we saw very rare mountain quail, coyote, mule deer, chiparees, chipmunks and stella jays.   Howard had the sighting of the trip – he had a buck deer come within 6 feet of him and then it waded into the river and swam off.  Drove through the log bridge which is a fallen tree that has had the centre remove so cars can pass through, and went and saw the Auto Log which is another fallen tree that is wide enough for cars to drive down, unfortunately no longer allowed.  

The target today was Death Valley.   Spectacularly desolate is how you could describe what I have seen so far.  The weather was reasonably mild (80 – 90 F) until we got to our lodging at 8.00pm – 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s now 10.20pm and hasn’t gotten any cooler.  It is the wind that is hot.    The others got here 30 minutes before us, Mackenzie is doing well, getting a bit cranky about being in the car seat for so long, can’t blame her.  Tully is worried about being cold overnight with the aircon on.   I think that is one battle she will lose;  there are blankets in the room.  Thank god for sleeping tablets is all I can say, between the air con (which sounded like a truck idling in the room) and Howard snoring there was giong to be very little sleep without them.

Left this morning at 8.30 am.  Temp – 94 degrees!   

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