Kings Canyon

Drove to Kings Canyon as planned.  The first half of the drive was just a drive, not much to see but trees.   Then we actually entered the canyon.  Very rugged would be the best way to describe it.  It didn’t have the spectacular beauty of Yosemite, but was amazing just the same.  Beautiful in a different way.  We drove along the canyon floor for a considerable part of the journey, along side Kings River.  Lots of signs saying jump in the water and die!  Visited Grizzly Bear waterfall (NO BEAR!).  Had a small walk to another waterfall that I can’t remember the name of at the moment.   The water came out of a chasm in the rocks and then down into the waterfall.   We just don’t have water in Australia that moves with this much power.  We followed the river for probably 50 miles, it was a small line in the bottom of the canyon that we were looking down on, and still you could hear it roaring.  You could see the white water the whole way along.  Well worth the drive.  Tomorrow heading through Sequoia on the way to Death Valley.   Last chance for bears!
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