San Francisco – Day 3

Got up this morning to BRIGHT BLUE SKY!   Went down to the water front (AGAIN) to the market which had been highly recommended, pleasant walk around there then back on a bus to Lombard Street.  Lombard St has the zig zag road and great views.   Walked down the zig zag road and back up again, finally a good reason to do Pilates.   Both blokes have been complaining all day of sore knees and calves. We were supposed to catch the cable car back to Van Ness, Dylan and I got on ok.  Then realized we were by ourselves – looked out the back of the tram to see Howard still standing in the middle of the road as we chugged up the hill.  Turned out that we caught the wrong trolley anyway – it went all over the place.  We had to swap and catch a different one in the end.    Left Dylan to do his own thing this afternoon.  Howard and I found a great Mexican café and had lunch there, loads of locals eating there, usually a good sign. We were supposed to go to dinner at a restaurant that had been recommended but they don’t take bookings and said there would be a 45 minute wait at the time we would be looking for, too much of a faff, with McKenzie with us, so had a carpet picnic in Tully’s room instead.  San Francisco finally made sense today, the sun was lovely, breeze was nice and mostly the view was good.  Still couldn’t see the Golden Gate Bridge though!   Also it is Gay Pride weekend, so there were lots of people about, the parade is tomorrow but we have to leave for Yosemite and will miss it!  A pity as judging by the people I have seen around today it would have been very colorful.

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