San Francisco – Day 2

Another foggy start to the day, which just didn’t get any better.  Drizzle and cold wind by the end of the day.  Once again headed down to the waterfront, but this time walked towards the Golden Gate bridge (which we couldn’t see!)  The aim of the walk was to go to the Red Palace, which would have been lovely but unfortunately closed for renovations so we had to settle for photos from the outside>  Left Howard there to go through the museum while I headed home to do washing and have a nap!  Took a while to get a bus heading in the direction we needed, but it was nice walking through the ‘burbs.  Headed out to China Town for dinner with Claire, Craig, Tully & McKenzie.  McKenzie through a tantrum so went back to the hotel with Craig, but it was still a good night.  I had expected China Town to be more colorful at night, more lights and glitter. However the food once again was excellent.  Another ride on the cable car to the hotel.  Had moment walking back to the hotel when both Claire and my radars hit red alert with a guy walking behind us.  Fortunately we were almost at our hotel and there were still large groups of people around.

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