To California

An unusually eventful departure (and arrival) for us this time.  Just sitting down to dinner when my mobile rang, Dylan – still at checkin.  Basically the message was get over here and get me on this plane! or words to that effect.  Judging by the state of Virgin and the amount of people at the internet kiosk all trying to redo American visas I would imagine there was a glitch in the system somewhere.  Finally got his Visa reissued and got him back to the start of the queue, so at least he was able to fly with us.  Mckenzie was the perfect child on the flight.   A bit grizzly cos she was over-tired, but once she was asleep she woke for drinks and play time as normal and went back to sleep.  Check thru in LAX to find Claire heading back towards us, with child, no bloke.   Apparently if you have his surname you will be profiled everytime.   So he has that too look forward to everytime he goes to the States.  Taco Bells for dinner.
Did the domestic stuff this morning, picked up car.   Great system at Dollar cars (if you are a minor petrolhead)  They tell you which section your car is in – then you go and choose which ever car is parked in that area you want.  Are options really a good thing???   There is a very nice 2 door cnvertible Mustang still sitting in the lot say "you should have picked me!"  Then it was Best Buys – prepaid mobiles & Costco – cos we could! 
Headed off to Highway  1, heading to Santa Barbara.   I would imagine on any other day this would be a spectacular drive, but today it was cloudy and hazy, and you could only just see the hills in the distance.   We drove down to the waterfront and had a walk round the pier area, and dinner.  The fog almost cleared this evening and we got the idea of how spectacular the coastline is.   Hopefully there wont be as much fog/haze tomorrow.  Heading to Montarey. 
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