Well that was a bit of a shock to the system – coming straight off the canal where we have been mooching along at about 3 MPH then straight to London.  Lewisham no less, loud, noisy, dirty, smelly and packed full of people rushing about.  And I loved it!!!   Went straight to Irwin & Cassandras flat as Dad was already there.  We were a bit extravagent and caught a cab, it had been a long day and none of us could face another hour on the tube system.  Did all the normal things, Harrods for the Christmas decorations, Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Borough Market, The George.  No galleries or shows this trip though.   Had dinner in China Town with Tully then on to a pub for more drinks.  And last night Howard and I went to my friend Carols place in Croydon for the night, after shopping with Cassandra in Blackheath and Bromley.  It was nice to catch up again. I haven’t seen her girls since they were little, they are now 10 (Katie) and 6 (Lucy), she and I have caught up over the years.  Her mum had just flown in from Spain as well.   A good time was had.  Now heading back to the Midlands for the rest of the week.   Going to catch a train straight to Birmingham International and pick up a car from there then head back down to Wendy & Wals.   We will base ourselves there for the rest of our time and do day trips.  May get a hotel somewhere for one of the nights – not sure when or where though. Suggestions?   Mum and Dad fly out tomorrow at 10.00pm.   Dad is the happiest I have seen him for 4 weeks, mum not so.   She is looking forward to chinese food again for lunch tomorrow.   No photos of London this trip.   But I will put one on of Katie and Lucy from last year at some stage.
Weather:   Been grey all week and humid all week.
High:        Warm enough for me to be in a t-shirt and carrying a coat but that could have been because the shops are like saunas.
Low:         Not very.
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