Stockton to Calcutt Marina- London.

Our last morning!   Off at about 8.30 as we only had a short distance to go. Didn’t realise there would be boats moored the whole way.  Slowed us down to the point we were almost late returning the boat.  Doubt if it would have been a problem though as the lock closures are coming into force now and a lot of the rental boats aren’t hired out at this time of year.  One of the lads was waiting for us at the second lock to help us moor up in the mariina which was nice as I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone – too many boats jammed in together.  Wal was waiting to take us back to Southam where we rearranged bags and had some lunch.  Caught the train at Leamington Spa at 12.54 and headed to London.   The train had an emergency stop about 20 minutes out of Leam – interesting to say the least – but we are on our way again.   Expect to be in London at about 3.00 ish now.  London is where we will be for the next couple of days, staying with Cassandra and Irwin.  
Will spend some time soon and update the photos.
Weather:   Grey again but quite mild.
High:         14
Low:           8
Locks:        2
Miles:        2
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