3 November – Southam to Stockton

It rained all night but cleared for us in the morning.   The day was still grey and over cast but at least it was dry.   We were doing the Stockton flight this morning,after the Bascote flight, the last big flight of locks for our trip.   Started out on our own but at the second lock saw a privately owned boat following so waited for them.  These locks are big and heavy so the more peole doing them the easier it is.   The people on the other boat we heading back to Surrey and had been travelling from 7.00 am in the morning and continuing into the dark at night trying to make up time.  They had already been going 2 hours when they caught up with us.   After we watched each other handling our respective boats we were quite happy to make the  "ultimate" canal boating manouvre – exiting and entering the locks simultaneously.  Big trust from them as their boat as it was only three days out of the paint shop.   We did 9 "paired up" locks nudged the side of the lock entrance once and totally muffed one lock completely.  The guy from the other boat was very impressed with his wife and my abilities.   Wendy and Wal met us halfway down the Stockton flight and came on board for tea & coffee and then left us.   Had to do a pump out as well today.  The guy would have liked us to continue on to Calcutt boats and pump out there but did it for us anyway.  Moored opposite the Boat Inn in Stockton and had dinner.  Not the best meal we have had on our trip.  Rain all night again. 
Weather:    Grey all day. Wind made it cooler.
High:           10
Low:            7
Locks:          13
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