A day of domestics today.  Found the laundromat and did 4 loads of washing and drying.   A 30 minute walk there and back through the park, the ground was thick with frost, but at least it was dry.   After putting all the washing away and doing a quick clean of the boat we went back into town to catch up with Wendy & Wal, Howards aunt & uncle for a quick coffee & cake.   Had a walk around Warwick, it’s one of my favourite towns.  Love the jewellery shops.  Actually I like all the shops here, no chain stores to be seen. Checked out the real estate agents.  Quite a few affordable properties, and a whole lot so far out of reach it is not funny.  It was market day so had a quick shop while we were there.  Only 2 and a bit more days left on the boat now so we are just buying little bits and trying to use what we have already have.  I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks!
Weather:   Cold but dry till this evening, it’s raining now.
High:         5
Low:         -2
Locks:       0
Miles:       0
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