Shrewley Common to Warwick

Early start today, 8.00 am, as the Hatton flight was waiting for us.   Stopped at the top for coffee as there was not a lot of movement.   As Howard & I were heading back to our boat we saw a couple waiting and asked if they were going to do the flight as well.   As it turned out they were waiting for another boat to go down with, they were both struggling with injuries, so they waited until we caught up and we went down together.   The Hatton Flight locks take two boats at once so two boats means two crews to share the work.   It was a long hard slog down the flight as we only met 3 others boats coming up.  We finished the flight in 3.5 hours.   The decision was made to go to the Cape of Good Hope pub for late lunch.  Luckily we were still following the couple – Phil & Ann – that we came down with, they frantically waved when they moored at the pub.  It was closer than any of us thought.   It gave us a chance to back up (I can reverse now!!) into the only other available space.  Much beer followed.    We finally went into Warwick itself for Antique shops for Dad.  He found the perfect shop and spent money on stuff (I have very little interest in antique toys).  Back to the boat on the bus for a quick pack and back out again for dad, Cassandra was taking him to London till we get down there.  The Cape is having a charity night for breast cancer tonight.  More beer will follow.  Wont be a late one though as we are all stuffed.  The Hatton Flight is strenuous to say the least.  I was the right decision to do it at the end of the trip instead of the second day out.   The crew would have mutinied.
Weather:    Sunny clouds later
High:          7
Low:          0
Miles:        5
Locks:       21
Tunnels:    1 (433 yards)
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