30 October – Wooten Wawen to Shrewley Common

Quick walk into the village to clear the cobwebs and stretch the legs before heading off.  Headed straight for the water tap this morning, we were out of water and clean clothes if the truth be told.  Desperately need a laundromat tomorrow or a shop that sells clothes.   Spent 30 minutes putting water in and decided to do the rest later.  Turned the boat in the basin, great success – didn’t hit anything or anyone – and headed back the way we came yesterday.   Still a but of snow around but mostly cleared now.   The locks on this stretch while pretty are truly horrible to manouvre into. They have water channels that come into the canal at the mouth off the locks and the currents from the channels just pushes the boat around.  There were a couple of horrible moments when we got hit so badly by the water we crashed into the lock at an angle and tilted over.  Cups fell.  After a second afternoon of dealing with these locks we turned onto the Grand Union canal.  What a difference.   The Grand Union is wide and deep and high up on the hills.  We were aiming for the top of the Hatton Flight today but the rain came this afternoon and it was getting dark so we stopped at Shrewley tunnel, bought food (yes we are out of food as well) and will head off early tomorrow. Wont take long as we are only a mile away. Hoping to go to the Hatton Craft centre before we begin the Hatton Flight and be still be in Warwick tomorrow afternoon.
Weather:     Cool (ok it was cold) and cloudy, rain in the late afternon.
High:           7
Low:            1
Locks:         17
Miles:          9.5
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