29 October – Kingswood Junction – Wooton Wawen

Woke this morning to -3.  Had breakfast early and went out to take more photos before everyone else trampled the snow.   The snow stayed on the ground overnight and was frozen this morning.  It is the first time since 1934 that there has been snow in October.   Cast off as early as possible while delaying as long as possible, hoping someone would come up the locks before we left and most of the work would be done.   No such luck, we had a lunch date so had to undo the frozen ropes and head off.   As it turned out there were a lot of people on the move so mostly the lock work was shared.   Met Howards uncle & aunt for lunch at the Crabmill Inn, good chat and food.  The standard photos were taken and then they came and visited us on the boat for a quick look and photo opps.   Headed off to Wooten Wawen after lunch.  Found a fantastic farm shop and bought accordingly.  Yew Tree Farm shops – a collection of shops in the original stables of a farm – Yew Tree farm I would imagine.   They had everything including a farm shop (fruit, veg, milk etc), a jewellers, clothing shop, hair dressers, saddlers, hand bags, a cafe, plants and a few others I can’t remember.   Every little shop was in one of the stables! 
Had a think about our plans tonight as well and decided to ditch Stratford and head back to Warwick.   We would be cutting things to fine if we continue as the boat needs to be back by Tuesday 4 Nov, and Cassandra is taking Dad to London for the weekend, he will stay there with her till we get down on Tuesday. 
Weather:   Sunny morning but cold.  Clouds in the afternoon.
High:         8
Low:          -3
Locks:      11
Miles:       7
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