Hockley Heath to Kingswood Junction

Set off this morning in lovely sun again.   This canal is still very rural, lots of bends. We had a couple of draw bridges today.  Funniest sight was Howard crawling along the length of the boat on the roof to rescue the TV antenna while we were travelling. We thought the first draw bridge was a low bridge that we wouldn’t have gone under with the antenna up.  On the up side he got to stop traffic at his pleasure at the draw bridges.  The locks came thick and fast after the draw bridges.  With some of the locks you come out immediately into a corner which is not really the easiest manouvre. The gaps between the locks were so short I scraped along the sides of the canal a lot.  And because you leave the lock on a bend you enter the next lock crooked – more banging and scraping.   Not so bad when you are outside, but if you are sitting inside what is in effect a 57′ metal can it can be pretty loud.  Pulled up for lunch after the Lapworth flight, the first set of locks we did today. After a quick lunch we set of and immediately came up to the next flight which took us down to Kingswood Junction.  At the junction we joined the canal which will take us into Stratford on Avon.  At the 3rd lock on this canal the hail came, thought we would be able to keep going through it but it just got heavier and heavier.  Put the pins in for the day at 2.30 pm.   The right thing to do as it turned out, it started snowing 2.50 and at this time it hadn’t stopped and looks like continuing for a while yet.  Surprisingly heavy but very pretty though.   Only a short distance but lots of locks today.  And we are moored on a lock landing and been told off, but it is dark now and we aren’t moving any further. 
Weather:  Sunny start till lunch time, then heavy hail followed by snow. 
High:        7
Low:        -2 
Miles:              3.5     
Locks:              25
Drawbridges:   3
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