Kings Heath to Hockley Heath

Woke up this morning to 2 deg temp and a heating system that wasn’t working.    I think during the night we were all aware that it wasn’t working but to lazy or cold to get out of bed and do anything about it.  I mean, really, we just had to go to the back of the boat and flick a switch!   By the time we were away it was another sunny morning.   Very pretty travelling today, the canal is windy and heavily treed.  The bridges are much wider for the boats to go through as well.  Much different to the  Birmingham & Fazeley where there as only a 8 inch gap between the narrow boat and the wall of the bridge.  There is slight room for error here. So much movement at the moment, really feeling the effect of half term break now, but as a rule everyone has been very friendly.  However one couple I spoke to had been hassled in a tunnel as they weren’t going fast enough.   A bit harsh as they were on their first day out.  Today is their second day and they are giving it up as too hard.   After speaking to them I can understand why and sympathise.  They weren’t really given much hands on training from the company they hired their boat from which hasn’t helped them either.   We were also given excellent advise from a couple on a privately owned boat about the cake shop up from Bridge 20 called Wedge.   We duly stopped and bought much.   Should keep us going for a couple of days.  Excellent pastries, cakes and fresh veg. Howard and Maz are at Sainsburys doing a big shop and Dad and I are at the pub, making sure the beer is good.   (Well one of us is anyway.)
Weather:  Sunny heavy showers this afternoon followed by sun.
High:        11
Low:        2
Locks:     0
Miles:      8
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