26 October – Birmingham to Kings Heath

Woke up to pouring rain.  It had been raining all night but passed by 9.00 am and cleared to a sunny afternoon.   Headed towards Cadbury World. 1st tunnel of the day was at Edgebaston. Kept going throuhg the outskirts of Birmingham to the Cadbury factory.  Mum and Howard walked from the canal to the factory to do the tour but unfortunately it was booked out and the next tour was due to start at 3.30 for those who hadn’t prebooked.  The walk back from the factory is through a picture postcard village to the train station.  The train station was painted in the Cadbury purple.   Had lunch and moved on. Went through a huge tunnel and passed another boat midway through.   There were more boats on the move yesterday than we had seen the whole time we have been out.   It is half term break which probably explains it.  We also went through some spectacular guillotine locks.  They are no longer in use.  Pulled up at Kings Heath at about 4.00 and headed to the pub to await Cassandra and Irwin who were dropping off Dad after his weekend in Yorkshire.  
Weather:   Rain early then a sunny day.
High:         14
Low:         8
Locks:       0
Miles:       6
Tunnel:     2 (105 yards and 352 yards)
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