Minworth to Brindley Place, Birmingham

Pulled the pins at about 8.00 am this morning as we had a big day ahead of us.  Was hoping to get the "bathrooms" pumped out first thing, they were a little bit um …ripe.   However it wasn’t to be as the pump out place didn’t pump, you could only empty your cannisters if you have them ………YUK.   The first lock was 100 yards from where we moored over night and the action was on.   11 locks one after the other, 2 hours.  Hard going at the start as the boat that went down last night didn’t drop the paddles properly so we were doing their work as well.   Inconsiderate sods.   However another boat came along that we met at the halfway mark so they had sorted out those locks for us.   Pulled up for a much need lunch then started on the next 13.  They didn’t take nearly as long as most of them were set for us. The canal on this occasion went through heavily industrial areas, under buildings, under roads and between canalside residential developments. Also we passed the place of the last hanging in Birmingham.  Pulled up after the last lock and used the facilities. Got some advice from a local and proceed to the drama of the pump out!  Man what a process.   Damned thing would pump initially, then they were telling us that the tanks were empty – NOT.  So after much standing around "discussing!" the dude called his boss.  Finally got the job done. £40 for crying out loud.   Because we were on a hire boat!   Turned the boat around and found a fantastic mooring at Brindley Place.  Security guards and security cameras.   Will be staying put for a couple of days. 
Weather:   Sunny
High:         13
Low:          3
Locks:     24
Miles:     9
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