21 October – Fazeley Junction to Cincinnati bridge, Minworth.

Made the turn at Fazely Junction with only a slight tap to the side of the boat, not too bad considering the wind.    The going is very slow at the moment, I think it is due to the shallow canals.   It feels like we are boating through porridge, but being autumn the canals are full of fallen leaves, so probably understandable.  We need to clear the weed hatch every 45 minutes.   Travelling down to Birmingham we are now going through small towns.   Some beautiful propertys with their gardens backing onto the canal.  True water front properties with prices to match.   Had lunch at the Dog & Doublet pub, also water frontage.    The boat was running so badly I called the yard and they sent someone out to look at it for me.    They say there is nothing wrong just lack of water depth.   It makes for very slow travelling.  According to the TomTom we are only doing about 1.5 miles per hour.  If we try for anything faster the engine boils.  We will stop on the outskirts of Birmingham if we can find somewhere reasonably safe looking.   And we are under the flight path from Birmingham International.  Expecting complaints from the crew in the morning.
Very slow internet connections so no photos uploaded for a couple of days.
Weather:   Sunny with wind.
High:         15
Low:          6
Locks:     13
Miles:      9
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