19/20 October – Hartshill to Fazely Junction via the Atherstone Flight

No internet connection yesterday so today is catch up day.  
19 October
A quick trip from Hartshill to the Athersone and the famous series of locks. The locks have been carefully restored and are extremely pretty and varied.  We had a wander around the village before tackling them.  5 locks in the morning and then a further 6 locks in the afternoon.  There was a lot of traffic moving up and down the locks, so with a bit of planning we only had to do half the work than we would have had we done the whole lot on our own. Our first serious day of locks, but one of many (days), successfully completed.  I’ve uploaded a video of going down one of the locks.   Not sure how good it is. The wind was a nightmare in the afternoon, got blown onto a bank after pulling over to let a boat pass.   There was no way I could get the boat off the bank by myself and in fact I was in serious danger of hitting other moored boats.  I had Howard of the boat pushing it out but we just kept getting blown back in.   In the end I walked alongside the moored boats until I found someone at home.  After he got over the shock of me banging on his roof he grabbed is barge pole and came down to our boat and showed us how to manage a boat in the wind.  He was very helpful, can’t remember his or his boats name, the boat was purple.   After a long day we pulled up at Polesworth and ordered in Chinese which we had delivered to us at the pub a then walked back to the boat with it.   All in bed asleep by 8.30pm.
Weather:    Sunny in the morning, very windy in the afternoon.
High:          15
Low:           10
Locks:         11
Miles:          8  
20 October
Left Polesworth at about 11.00 am as we only had about 5 miles to do today.   We were heading to Fazeley Junction as the barmaid last night told dad that there would be antique shops there.   Lots of charity shops but no antique shops. While Mum & Dad were looking for antiques we topped up the food shopping and generally had a easy day.   Tomorrow we head to Birmingham.
Weather:     Cloudy, windy in the morning.   Windy and raining in the afternoon.
High:           15
Low:            6
Locks:          2
Miles:          5
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One Response to 19/20 October – Hartshill to Fazely Junction via the Atherstone Flight

  1. Anthony says:

    I dont see any mention of missing Anthony or Avi?  Whats the deal? 🙂


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