16 October Newbold on Avon to Hawkesbury Junction

Got away at a reasonable time yesterday and within 500 yards went through our first tunnel. Dad came out to supervise so I let him steer – he took to it remarkably well all things considering.  The tunnel was 250 yards long, after that we were in a long wooded cutting.  Very pretty but damp. The trees have their autumn leaves currently, which are falling like snow as we travel through, but the colour of the berries is spectacular. Today we also did our first swing bridge, can’t report on that as I was in the shower at the time.  All I heard was a couple of crashes and some yelling, but it was all over with by the time I finisheded drying off.  Pulled up for lunch at Anstey.  Don’t know what got caught around the prop shaft but as we were leaving Anstey I completely lost steering on the first corner and had a substantial head on collision with a moored boat.   Big crash and sounds of smashing crockery – not ours!  Ooops and apologies if the owner of the boat happens to read this.   Note to self:  Canal Boats don’t have brakes!  After much reversing and finally getting some steering back we were on our way again.  The water proof boots came out for 10 minutes this afternoon, but that soon cleared and we were back in the sun again.  Moored for the night at Hawkesbury Junction (?Sutton Stop).  Dad treated us to dinner at The Greyhound, great little pub.   Dad had a minor drama when we got back to the boat – missed his footing and ended up half in the water and half on land, completely unable to move. Glossing over that bit we got him back on the boat with only a skinned shin and a scraped arm. Sweet tea with brandy was administered. Note to self:  He really can’t see in the dark.   Staying where we are for the next day or two.   We will catch the bus into Coventry to see the Cathedral rather than take the boat.  We also need to do laundry or shop for smalls.  Photos to be added soon.   BTW:  the Narrowboat is called Wild Sorrell 3.
Weather:    Sunny with one shower (heavy shower)
High:          14
Low:           4
Miles:         10 1/4
Locks:        0
Swing Bridge:  1
Tunnel:           1
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