Braunston to Newbold on Avon

Had a long walk this morning before we left as I wanted to take photos of a burnt out boat that I didn’t get yesterday.  Then walked up to Braunston village and then down along the roadway and back down through the fields to the boat with the intention of picking Mum & Dad up at the bridge but Dad had a second burst of energy and caught up with us before we cast off. Views still very country, lots of cows to wave at.  Made a stop at Bridge 76 and walked to Tower Farm to buy water proof shoes and check out what riding gear I will be investing in before we leave.   After lunch we headed into Rugby for the Tesco stop, needed to stockup on a few items.  Thought we might have spent the night there but wasn’t completely happy with the company moored next to us so pulled up pins and moved on to Newbold.  It is dark by 7.00 pm at the moment, so at this stage haven’t made to a pub.  However making up for it on the boat instead. 
Weather:  Cloudy with rainy spells
High:       14
Low:        7
Locks:         3
Miles:         10
Aquaduct:   1
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