13 October 2008


Mum and Dad made it to the UK in once piece, Dad is very impressed with the service he received because he was using a walking stick.  Excellent service, they push him around in a wheelchair because of the walking stick.   (Thanks Karlien!) 

Other than that we had a reasonably quite day, did a big shop for the cruise and went and saw the marina.  Our boat was there so we had a look and put all the shopping we had done on board.   The design of the boat isn’t great, a bit cosy but we will get by. 

Tonight we are off to the Mop in Southam.  Basically it is an annual Autumn Fair that has been happening on the first Monday after the 11th October for 200 years.  Just waiting for Howard to come back from Birmingham after dropping off the rental car.


Weather:  Mostly Sunny.


High:              17

Low :              11


12 October 2008


Did a drive round the Cotswolds today.  Had a walk around Chipping Camden and then went to Stow on the Wold.   Autumn colours are just coming out.  Hoping we will be able to find blackberries when we are cruising.  Saw a lot on the side of the road but couldn’t stop to pick them. Picking up Mum & Dad from Rugby station tomorrow and doing food shopping for the boat. 


Weather: Sunny.


Low:               12

High:              19


11 October 2008


So 1 week before the “Try Before You Buy” cruise Dad dropped a metal bar on his foot.  Not broken, not a problem.  NOT!  2 days later the foot was swollen and hot.  The Dr put him on antibiotics, improvement for 2 days, then on Sunday the foot was worse.  Off to hospital he went.  Blood tests for infections, gout and anything else they could think of.  Nothing.  Decisions were made, instead of flying on Friday, bit hard with him still being in hospital, mum and dad will fly on Sunday and join us on Monday.


Flew via Singapore and saw Terminal 3 for the first time.  Nice, duty free was cheaper than Melbourne for booze and smokes but seriously expensive for electronics.  After a very nice flight in which Howard and I had aisle to ourselves, lots of stretching out and sleeping, we arrived at Manchester Airport, 30 minutes early.  Picked up the car and wandered our way down to the relatives house.   Sat up to watch the soccer – UK v Kazakhstan UK won 5 -1.  Man-kini’s were banned.  




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