Denver, New York and other news.

Sorry for the lack of news recently.  There have been issues and I needed to gather my thoughts before writing. 


Anyway – Drove from Silverthorne to Denver which was totally different to the drive to Silverthorne.  No snow and I could actually see where we were going and look at the views.   Stopped off at Georgetown, an old silver mining village, very pretty, sort of touristy.  Had a walk and took photos etc.  Headed on our merry way until there was excited sounds from the passenger seat – mountain goats had been spotted on the side of the mountain (not surprisingly) so back up the mountain we went so we would come back down for photo opportunities.   There were very obliging and stood still while photos we taken.  Then onto the Buffalo Outlook, which was a huge circular road took us through a national park with both Elk & Bison, behind fences. 


Headed into Denver for 2 nights.  Just had a wander around on the first afternoon.  The second day we did a small amount of site seeing in the town, but it was so cold.   I had 2 layers of thermals, ski socks, my ski jacket and a hat.  Freezing!  We had dinner that night with Bob and Diane at a very nice Italian restaurant called the Palomino, very nice. A really enjoyable evening.  After dinner Bob & Diane drove us to see Christmas decorations.  I love Christmas decorations.  Up at 5.30 the next morning so we could hand the car back and catch the plane.  Got to Cassandra’s flat in New York at 6.00 pm.   Dumped our stuff and went for a walk, bought train tickets etc. Went to Macy’s and bought the Martha Stewart Christmas tree, with lights already in place.  Caught a cab home.  On Sunday, Cassandra and I, went to the factory outlet, the weather was totally miserable, freezing rain, fog, wet, snow, horrible.   Shopping was good though.


Next couple of days were spent getting our bearings in the area, and running errands for Cassandra.


Then the phone calls started. 


1.  Howard’s Mother, Diana, had a major stroke, and was admitted to hospital.  After much discussion between Howard and Bill (Howard’s father) we stayed in New York.  Bill was adamant that there was no need to come home, and that all would be good. Hmmmm!  Current update on Diana: has regained some speech, but no movement in her leg, arm and there is an issue with her eye sight.


2.  Message from my mum, you need to call the next door neighbours.  OK then.  Jai, our dog, unable to move, wont eat – what did I want to do? So off to the vet with her – anti biotic jab, cortisone jab, a course of anti-biotic & cortisone tablets.  Current update on dog:  back in the land of the living.


3.  Howard’s car is haemorrhaging power-steering fluid, and engine oil.  What did I want to do?  Several answer to that none of which I am prepared to write down.   Current status on car: off the road until further notice.  


So that’s about it on the drama front, I think there is something else but can’t remember at the moment.  We make sure we are back by 4.00 ish daily for the touch base phone calls with everyone concerned.   BUT just for a change it is not me in hospital at Christmas.


With all that out in the open, I will see you all when we get back.  At this stage flights will be caught as scheduled.



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