Colorado Rockies

Didn’t write anything yesterday, Breckenridge was very nice, but sort of touristy.  However Dylan came up with the great idea of driving to the Rockie Mountains.  So packed our car, and of we went at 8.00 am.   Pretty easy drive, lots of lovely scenery.  Loving the snow.  Called in to a little village called Grand Lake for coffee, the only way I can describe it is the wild west does the mountains.  Wooden walk ways, and saloons have swing doors.  Most shops were shut as winter is the quite time.  But there was enough open to amuse me, and we had good coffee that wasn’t Starbucks.   We drove up into the National Forest, once again lovely views, lots of snow.   But on the way home we saw Bambi’s dad.   So very impressive.   At first he had his butt to us and wasn’t looking at us at all, just as we decided that we had enough photos of his rear he turned.   Totally magnificent.  The span on his antlers must have been 6′.   After that high point we had a quite drive home.   Went to Local’s Nite at The Mint for dinner tonight.   $2.99 steaks – the catch is you cook them yourself, with everyone else in the restuarant.   3 meals including booze, $30.00 gotta be happy about that.
Camera Status:  I have a replacement and it works.  See the photos.
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