Snow – and lot’s of it

Due to the worst rain & fog in Las Vegas since 1968 all the flights out of the airport were still back logged from the night before.   Our flight was delayed by 2 hours, so it was a very long day.   However we finally arrived in Denver in the dark, picked up a car.  Not the cheap little compact I had booked, ended up getting a Jeep SUV.  Dylan very happy.  And I am very pleased that I did.  I was sitting next to a lady on the plane who gave me lots of local information, so went to Wal-Mart on the way.   Also bought GPS as the car has satelite radio but not navigation.  Headed on to Silverthorne in increasingly deteriorating weather.   At one stage while I was driving the snow was so bad I couldn’t see 6 feet in front of me.   Scary.  Found a safe(ish) place and put the car in 4wd and that is how it is going to stay for the next 2 weeks.   It is dark at 5.00 pm just to complicate things.  Finally arrived at the condo at 9.00pm.  Note to self – knee high snow and pants don’t work.  Must buy ski clothes!  It’s -9 at the moment, and beautifully sunny outside.  The views are spectacular.  We are above 10,000 feet, so today we will be taking it easy acclimatising.  And probably buying thermals!
Camera status – hoping to find something today. 
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